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Available M-F 8 am to 8 pm

Call 920-451-4646
FAX 920-287-7969
Available M-F from 8 am to 8 pm

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Our Premium Home Inspection service includes much more than the competition. This home inspection includes everything in our Standard Home Inspection plus a free inspection follow-up 6 months after your closing is included in the price. This follow-up is designed to review your home inspection report with you and to discuss how your home is adapting to your family. This is very beneficial especially for 1st time home buyers and families relocating to Wisconsin. It is important to contact us after you close so we can schedule this follow-up with you within 6 months after your closing date. Offer expires after 6 months.

We check for natural gas leaks around your appliances (furnace, water heater, stove, fireplace, etc.) AND we also check for Carbon Monoxide in the furnace plenum. Be sure to ask other inspectors if they provide these additional services. Most home inspectors don't.

You will receive your personalized and customized home inspection report including annotated pictures embedded with your home inspection report and will receive it within 24 hours (usually the same day). One call to us is all you need to do. We will take care of all the other details including scheduling and confirming your home inspection.

This home inspection also includes one FREE re-inspection if desired after repair work has been completed before your closing. This is a $75 Value!

I will schedule the inspection so you can join me at the property to review the home inspection results on-site.  I will take the extra time to explain the findings and also offer home maintenance suggestions that will help you maintain your home in the future. Please ask questions, my job is to help you!

Prices vary depending upon the square footage and the age of the home. Prices start at $399 for homes under 1000 square feet and less than 75 years old. This inspection includes one FREE re-inspection if desired after repair work has been completed. This is a $75 Value!

Please call 920-451-4646 or use the free quotation form for firm pricing. We will work out the best inspection that fits your budget.

This is a very good choice for people that are re-locating to the Sheboygan County area.

Areas that will be Inspected:

  1. General Information
    • Environmental conditions
    • Home orientation and size
    • Status of utilities
  2. Lots and Grounds Inspection
    • Grading and drainage
    • Vegetation
    • Decks and balconies
    • Retaining walls
  3. Exterior Surfaces and Components Inspection
    • Decks, stoops, porches, walkways, and railings
    • Eves, soffit and fascia
  4. Roof Inspection
    • Roof covering, vents, flashings, and trim
    • Gutters and Downspouts
    • Skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations
  5. Garage/Carport Inspection
    • Garage doors, safety sensors, and openers
    • Garage Electrical Systems
  6. Electrical System Inspection
    • Service Entrance cable and meter box
    • Main disconnect and service amperage
    • Electrical panels, breakers and fuses
    • Grounding and bonding
    • GFCI's and AFCI's
  7. Structure and Foundation Inspection
    • Foundation movement
    • Visible floor trusses
    • Girders and support posts
  8. Attic Inspection
    • Insulation and ventilation
    • Moisture penetration
    • Roof structure
  9. Basement Inspection
    • Visible water penetration
    • Sump pumps with accessible floats
    • Electrical safety
  10. Crawl Space Inspection
    • Water Penetration
    • Vapor Barrier
    • Insulation
    • Electrical safety
  11. Air Conditioning Inspection (Weather Permitting)
    • Service Disconnect
    • Temperature drop
    • Condensation drainage
  12. Fireplace/Wood Stove Inspection
    • Fireplace damper door and hearth
    • Gas fireplace operation
    • Visible exhaust
  13. Heating System Inspection
    • Carbon Monoxide detection
    • Combustible Gas Leak Detection
    • Filtration system
    • Humidifier (if present)
  14. Plumbing System Inspection
    • Main water shut-off
    • Water heating system
    • Water heater operation and safety controls
  15. Bathroom Inspection
    • Faucet, fixtures
    • Visible drain pipes
    • Tub, surround
    • Toilet operation
  16. Kitchen Inspection
    • Visible drains
    • Visible water penetration
    • Dishwasher operation and Air Gap
    • GFCI's (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
  17. Bedroom Inspection
    • Window and door operation
    • Electrical safety
    • HVAC system
  18. Living Space Inspection
    • Window and door operation
    • Electrical safety
    • HVAC system
  19. Laundry Room Inspection
    • Visible water penetration
    • Hoses, fixtures, laundry tub
    • Floor drains


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