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Call 920-451-4646
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If you have any concerns about your well water quality, give us a call. A well water test consists of inspecting the readily accessible well components including the well head, proper distances to possible contamination sources like private septic systems, farm fields, etc, and a visual inspection of internal plumbing supply pipes.

A yield test will be performed to document the short-term and long term capacity (flow rate) of the system on the day of the

Water samples will be taken, properly secured and delivered to a state certified lab for analysis. Typical tests are Total Coliform and Nitrates. Other tests can be conducted for an additional lab fees. A chain of custody will follow the samples and the results will be sent to the client usually within 3 to 5 days.

It is recommended that at minimum, a total Coliform Bacteriological test be performed on an annual basis. It is very important the tests are properly conducted and samples handled properly in order to obtain valid results.

I am a Certified Well Sampler and will help you with this need. Our sampling and testing costs $159 and up (includes 2 water sample tests Total Coliform and Nitrates). This includes a review of the pressure tank and the home's internal plumbing
components. We may review the well head but it we will not open the well head for any reason.


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